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    Robert Jones

    Full Stack Web Developer, Pixel Whisperer, & Coffee Fanatic

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Who I Am.

My name is Robert Jones, and I love to code.

Nicknamed R.J. since I was a baby, and it ended up being the name I usually go by. Although Ive moved several times in my life, the Pacific Northwest is where I have lived the longest, and what I had considered home.

Crazy about coffee.
Embracing of creativity and the digital arts. And yes, programming is an art form.
Puzzle solver.
Happiest when creating through code.

The first time I became curious about how things work had been when I was very young and had a remote control truck that started malfunctioning. Since then, I am always taking things apart to fix, modify (or salvage parts from to create new things). Eventually, this led to a curiosity into what made some hardware 'think'.

The first languages I ever learned were very basic (this was a few years after the Space Jam website) HTML and Javascript in an after school club in 5th grade and fell in love with it, applying what I learned to small projects, and contributing to my High School's website when I had gotten older. Later, I took to learning basic and Java for programming Arduino and Parallax micro controllers to incorporate into hardware-based projects.

After High School, I had attended DMAC for graphic design and 3d computer animation, and later went to school for audio production, but found I was more interested in the underlying code that the tools and software utilized to them work. Granted, the skills learned did come handy in other ways.

Applying my skills in 3d animation and modeling, as well as my interest in programming, I decided to tackle the unique challenges of 3d printing shortly after the early-models of DIY and Reprap printers hit the market, purchasing a kit to build and program my own. Familiarity with micro controllers allowed for fine tuning the pulses sent to the motors on the machine I had built, as well as for troubleshooting all of the myriad issues that would result in flaws in my prints.

Ultimately I became very interested specifically in web development as the web was something that all of my other interests revolved around in some form, and began pursuing online courses through platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, SoloLearn and CodeAcademy Pro.

Through these online platforms and courses, I learned...

  C# in relation to writing scripts for unity 3d and using unity as a potential platform for browser-based games as well as a visualization engine for 3D models;

  Python to improve usability of Blender when creating 3D models and assets for Unity as this was the language it is written in, as well as leveraging it as a language for writing scripts to automate networking and computing tasks;

  Ecmascript 6 (ES6) version of JavaScript, along with HTML5, Ruby, CSS3 and PHP to better bring my creativity to the web.

In addition to these courses, I began solving puzzles and challenges on sites such as CodinGame and CodeWars, and playing a strategy game called Screeps which requires you to write the AI for your virtual army in Javascript.
These puzzles and games are not only fun, but also help to refine my skills as they provide unique scenarios that aren't always encountered on a daily basis when coding.

Looking into programming bootcamps to boost my skills further, I found Ironhack which taught me far more than I would have imagined thanks to the guidance of a very talented instructor, great teaching assistants and staff, and an intense but well thought out Full-Stack web development curriculum that focused on the latest industry-standard technologies, best practices, and Test-Driven-Development.

Relevant Education

Ironhack Miami Campus
Full MEAN Stack Web Development

Ironhack is an immersive bootcamp with locations in Madrid, Barcelona, and Miami, offering 9-week courses in Full Stack Web Development. (400+ hours)

- Technologies: JavaScript, Angular.js, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, HTML and CSS.

- Good development practices: Focus on clean code principles, design patterns and test driven development (TDD).

React, PHP and Responsive Design

Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js), Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.

Java, C#, Ruby, and others

Udemy provides a platform for experts of any kind to create courses which can be offered to the public, either at no charge or for a tuition fee.

Fundamentals of PHP, Python, Swift and C++

SoloLearn lets you learn and practice a skill of your choice anytime anywhere for free. It consists of very short videos (so the user does not get bored and keeps attention) and interactive checkpoints and practice sessions. The practice is real, i.e. programming students write real-life code and future photographers adjust camera settings in the mobile app.

The Art Institute of Seattle
Audio Production

Audio Production degree program teaching how to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio using industry-standard professional recording studio technology, including sophisticated Solid State Logic recording consoles. Explored everything from producing live and studio music to designing sound for film, radio, TV, web, live performances, and other venues.

W.A.T.R. Center
Aerospace Manufacturing

12-week accredited online and in-lab certification course teaching aircraft familiarization, reading of blueprints and picture sheets, bonding and grounding, engineering processes, hand and measuring tools, introduction to composites, manufacturing documentation, sealing and safety with a final capstone assessment.

Digital Media Arts College
Computer Animation

Program teaching the core fundamentals of visual storytelling, classical art, and advanced computer-generated techniques, involving immersion in the real-world processes of digital production flow.

Languages I Use & Love

HyperText Markup Language 5

Cascading StyleSheets

Javascript / Ecmascript 6

Simplfied JavaScript Library

A Hybrid of C and C++

A Non-Relational (NoSQL) Database

A Web Application Framework for Node.js

A Javascript Framework for Single-Page Apps

Platform for using JavaScript as a Server-Side language

Scripting language that compiles into CSS

Tools I Use & Love

Professional, Free and Open-Sourced 3D Modeling Software

Autodesk Maya
Full-Featured 3D Modeling Software

Substance 3D Painter
3D Model Texturing Tool

Unity 3D
2D and 3D Engine for Visualization and Game Development

Visual Studio Code
A Free Open-Sourced IDE

Adobe Creative Cloud
A Suite of Design and Illustration Tools

Get in Touch

In addition to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack (@arjay.jones), I can be reached by the following means...